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Built with Value analysis and value engineering technique for client application projects to develop customized solutions tailored to the requuirements of the clients in a timely fashion. Special gauges manufactured suited the various off-road and on-road special applications. Continuous Engineering resulting in reduction of product development lead-time. Separate prototyping department for accelerated product development. High degree of co-ordination interaction and communication between R&D and Manufacturing teams to evolve process-driven designs.

Mechanical Dual Gauge:
Combination of Mechnaical Water Temperature, Oil Pressure and Warning Lights into One Unit.



Electrical Dual Gauge:
Combination of Electrical Temperature Gauge and Fuel Level Gauge.



Hydraulic Pressure Gauge:
Cost effective and reliable gauges for most toughest application. Unique DC Volt Driven Gauges replacing costly differential gauges and risky Mechanical Gauges for Hydraulic Pressure.




Instrument Panel Gauges:
Replacement Gauges for Instrument Clusters.



Dual Air Pressure Gauge:
Combination of Two Mechanical Air Pressure Gauge into One Unit.


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