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Temperature Senders
Constructed of high quality corrosion resistant brass for maximum durability. High quality ceramic thermistor provides excellent accuracy and repeatability.

Range 40-120°C, 50-150°C and 80-200°C/ 100-250°F, 100-280°F, and 140-320°F
Earthing Negative / Insulated
Thread Size M14X1.5, M16X1.5, M18X1.5, 1/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT, 3/8" NPTF,"NPTF, 5/8"-18 UNF, "BSP

Pressure Sender
Constructed of high quality beryllium Copper diaphragm for consistent output. Nickel Chrome resistance wire gives maximum durability.

Range 0-5/7/10/28kg/Cm2
Operating Voltage 6/12/24V
End Fittment M10X1, M12X1.5, M14X1.5, M18X1.5 1/8" NPTF

Fuel Sender
Rheostat Fed Milliamp type. Wirebond resistor, Phosphorous bronze wiper with silver contact gives extended life under fuel slashing, vibration and dither conditions.

Type of Flanges Sheet Metal / Die-cast
Range 240-33, 10-180, 0-90, 78-10, 0-30 Ohms Etc.
Earthing Negative / Insulated
Float Polyurethane Foam/ Nitrile Rubber Hard Foam
(Compatible with 10 % Ethanol Blended Petrol)


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